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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fun by batches

Wednesday 12 January 2011. Monday was definitely fun. Kim seems enamored with Daddy John, who smiles about the sentiments of Kim but reserved. I guess with age, since we are both 40s, both of us have been scarred so many times with love that one simply is weary or very careful about falling in love. Daddy John got a massage from Ting, who was more than glad to have a client at my place, he would not have to go so a hotel or far flung place. So, I asked Ting if he already has a client or if he is free to visit my place. He said is free! With full confidence I invited people to my place. Oh, do not get me wrong, Ting is vital not as part of the group sex - but he is my doorkeeper! As mentioned before, I lost something, which is a risk if you have strangers coming into your place. With Ting, he stays in the sala, surfing, opening the door and answering text messages while I do my hosting inside the bedroom!

I have known Ting for at least ten years so I trust him with my things, and at times, he is the one who takes pictures. So, feeling secure and confident, I ended up with Noel, Jay, Markhot, Acro, and Absex. Well, they did not come at the same time, so I had first a threeseom with Noel and Jay. When Noel left, Markhot arrived who was just withing the same city. I asked him to rest inside with Jay, to watch the educational dvd of man to man sex. Acro arrived and so there was three of them, meanwhile, I munched on caramel popcorn, resting my ass who had the pleasure of Noel and Jay. Likewise, took the time to wait for Absex who arrived last, and thus making the second round a fivesome! Yes, it was Markhot's first time, but he already said he wants to be invited again! It was the second time with Absex and Acro, and I lost count how Jay have visited my place.

Noel is ... a dream come true? I have been following his blog, his hopeless romantic quest for that special someone, he is in love with love himself. He is handsome and attractive, so when he said he has nothing to do, and even if I had to share him - I invited him to have the chance to know the person behind the whimsical blog. Oh, yeah, I felt and share the pain, but being twice his age, I know better. I hope, I dream, I wait - happy with friends, and thankful to the spirits if someone becomes a lover. I wish he would be happy and not so morose waiting for someone. Life should be happy and blessed whether we have someone to wake up every morning. I still miss my ex life mate - bobot and ernz that have shared my bed, waking up to their handsome faces, but I will not sulk and cry over their absence.


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  2. what is Noel's blog?

  3. pag papamasaj ba ako ke ting pde jan senyo?

  4. Ting is not just a run of the mill masseur, not the typical body beautiful. For one, he is already 36 years old and he became a masseur after taking some courses with TESDA, thus he had some training to be a masseur / therapist. Some would consider him old or mature but he gets to maintain clients because one can really get relaxed with him. I believe he charges only php300 for a massage, simple and plain massage that is. I do not normally post numbers but in anticipation of the queries - Ting or Rem can be contacted through 09196599542

  5. sorry po abala pa po ba si ting kasi po unreachable na po yung number..salamat po