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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cyberboyfriend to Reality

21 April 2011. I had been in a cyber-relationship with Nats for a while, it was basically more of YM and txt messages. I feel free to call him "boyfriend". Yes, I know, its "holy thursday", so many have no work, and I was tasked to simply sit in the house while my mother and brother's family are in Tagaytay! But Nats was asked to report to work, I guess to simply check their network systems since most are in a holiday mode.

He was txting me directions, this one, I decided not to respond anymore. I believe that if one is really determined, one would end up at my doorsteps and I have given him my address, directions, and even photos of my place long beforehand. Well, if he has forgotten, so be it. Then, the phone rang... he is here! Oh my god! Time to reward him, he deserves a prize - Me!

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