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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Second visit, First meet.

23 April 2011 (Saturday). I remember TonseyD before holy week. I was in a scrapbook monthly club day with my cousin. He said he was in the area and decided to go to my place. Oh oh, my place was empty except for my three poor cats. So he came and he left. Then, he texted that if he is welcome I should text him so. What? I guess he took my absence as a rejection, it should not be so. But I do not blame him to think so, perhaps he thought that hanging around my place, I saw him and decided not to show up. I remember doing this to my college girlfriend - I broke up with her, and then coming home, I saw her car on our house, I did not come home - let her wait in vain with my mother!

This time, he texted me if I was doing something. I replied that I am not and that he is most welcome to visit me and I would be there!

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