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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cavemar for Myself!!

I had Cavemar last 01 April together with Dennis. I had been exchanging txt messages with Cavemar for sometime and he is sweet but considering the time we had been exchanging messages, I was no longer expecting to really meet him in the flesh so when he promised to visit me, that visit coincided with Dennis being in my pad. Now, he said he is horny and just near by. This time, I did not welcome any invites nor invited anyone else. I am going to have him all by myself!

Cavemar came that evening, and we did not have much time for forplay - he was hot, he was horny, and just after closing the bedroom door, getting our privacy, we were at each others arms, mouth, and body! My attention was not divided, it was all focused on giving him pleasure, making him happy, making him squirm.

This time, I asked Cavemar to lie on this stomach, I want to kiss his back, give him the experience of butterfly kisses. This time, he had me on my back, with legs in the air ... he fucked me with gentleness, and yet the urgency of his libido. It was a sex how I wished I could have captured with a camera, or even better - a video. It was a glorious sucking and fucking for me.... next time, I would control myself better, distance and take some shots...

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