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Sunday, September 16, 2012

OMG moment


  1. Replies
    1. One of the few that made me cum... thus I can honestly say... he is one of the best fuck in recent memory....

    2. yes... and am hoping to have a repeat, sweet also.. he understand my diabetic status

  2. Sarap ng tamod mo Bert :) like ko photo #15 and #20.. sana lagi may ganyang angle shot... the best ka tlaga!

    1. Ken was so delicious, we simply had sex. I was enjoying it very much, and we were in the doggy position that I willed myself out of the euphoria of our sex that I was able to take a picture. First time for me to take self pics, was not even sure if it would had come out right! Was lucky shots, then as an afterthought, I realized - so great a sex, and one I have so few pictures, so after he came on my side, i took some pics, and when i came, took some more cum shots.... after all, i do not always cum with every encounter.

  3. I received this from Chubilito from PR:

    your recent posts are hot! i just checked it now... hehehe... esp yung OMG moment mo... napa OMG ka talaga... hahaha