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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Assessment : FAIL!

 I had been busy going out with my Mother. Yeah, so what if i am a Mama's boy? She takes care of my rent, electricity, water, etc! So there, I watched Dredd with her, went to Nestle Club at Rockwell. Had not had time to txt and surf for a new friend.

 Charlie dropped by saying he is bored at home. I shared the number of potential visitors to him so he can close the deal so to speak while I ate my dinner. Disaster! The potential new friend was so trying, such a newbie -Charlie lost his patience. That possible threesome would never happen then.

Then, Von texted me asking what is happening. I replied that I have Charlie and we would be having sex.

 Von replied " Please wait. I will be there "
So I smiled, I would have a threesome! Group sex is definitely no planning.

Then I lost my smile. Von is someone that has been texting in 2011, just txt, no action. It was a surprise that he finally showed up in my place. After that initial encounter, he showed really no changes, just text - nothing more, so I never did really consider him. Hmmmmm ... would he show up or not?

 Well, he did. Surprisingly. And for the warm up.... just to get things started - I played an educational tape - see the pics, they are hot. This is how i operate:  I have my own place and I have a good collection of male porn. Men are visual creatures, watching male action would always get them horny and ready!

Oooops! I touched Von and he moved my hand away! 
What the fuck! Oh well, so I ignored him and started sucking Charlie. Perhaps Von is not yet horny, he watched the porn and he would watch us. 
I was thinking, once he is horny from the tape and from the live action, he will join in... or would be part of the sex.
Charlie's hand move on him, to have him part of the action. 
Same reaction - he pushed Charlie's hands away. Oh my...
And that is how Charlie lost his erection... made small talk, and then bid his way home.
Von asked if he is finished, Charlie lied and said "yes". I just smiled. 
Charlie told us that he still has work and its time to go home... he was being polite.
Von rejoined if Charlie is leaving, he would go likewise.
Oh ok... bye! I smiled no need of booting him out.

And that...regrettably may I say would be assessed as Fail! :)

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