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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quickie with hard fucking Arile

One of the most spoke line - " I am a slut but I am the best slut in town !". I think I have a right to claim that - to being a slut and not just a slut, the best slut in town! People think that sex is ongoing here in my place, its a misconception. There are days or times that I do not have a text or invite and that would likewise include the days or times I am simply not interested. I accompany my mother, i escort her. She is already 71 years old and a diabetic, thus its best that she is accompanied. I usually spent my weekends with her particularly saturdays and I would not exchange this even for a big, hard dick.

This blog post is uploaded today, 2 September 2012, but I met Arile last 30 August 2012. He was the second one on one I had that day. I had been asked, am I not afraid? Well, fear is something we have to contend with. We either embrace our fear or let it cripple us. Each day we age, each day our body depreciates whether we had sex or not - so simply said, ENJOY LIFE! Who knows when would we get fuck again!

Yesterday or earlier, this 01 September 2012, Saturday - I accompanied my Mother to Makati Medical. I received a call and txt from this guy, and I answered and replied. He asked me if I had received invites for the day - I replied yes and even cited the "names" as I have written in my blog. He then texted me - "Tell them to come to your place tonight". That was morning - hehehehehehe! I am not a morning person, I am very disagreeable, very grouchy! I replied back "who are you to order me?" and "what nerve do you have to text me when I do not even know you". Then I smirked alone at the Makati Med Cafeteria, people seem to lose their sanity in the search for sex.

He no longer texted his name or replied. Funny, if he had texted me in the afternoon or evening, I would have probably done so... and yet bitchy me, would not invite him. If a person is already arrogant, prideful, full of himself via txt - most likely his personality is like that. Was it my loss? No - I am the one who can organize group sex, I am the one who has a place, not him. If he has the contacts and the place, he would not even bother to contact me.

BE NICE! Having a nice cock or any physical attribute is no justification for being an awful person. Remember, there are other cocks around - and if your character is that bad, I would rather fuck myself with a dildo than your dick attached to a prick.

How do I deal with characters that are not so nice.. simply fuck them, and move on, at least you had a bit on the side.... just like the above, enjoy the pics!

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