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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Negotiating with a Masseur

Windman visited me last Sunday, 2 September 20112, around 5 pm. I had been asleep around 14 hrs! My mind was still groggy but I had my breakfast when it would be an afternoon snack for most. Do not think of me as call center agent, all I am awake most of the night too. I already had posted pics of Windman before so I did not bother taking more pics. He is still hairy, dark, and hard.

I did not bother taking more pics of Windman but I want to blog about it. Afterall, yes, it was just vanilla sex, I suck him and he immediately moaned. I love hearing these guys moan with pleasure, I find it very reassuring.  We exchange kisses, hugging, cuddling, he was very attentive to me. I was gasping for air, shaking with ecstasy - that he asked me, why was my body shaking? I was shaking from the pleasure of having him on top of me, his cock fucking my ass! This guy for being only 20 years old can really drill my ass!. I would moan from joy, a mixture of happiness and pain that he would stop and ask me if he was hurting me. I would look into his eyes, and squeeze my ass.. "no, fuck me!"

Windman satiated the lust in my body - that I have apologized to those who were texting me that afternoon till evening, I lost my libido to have further sex. I remember Charlie and Dr Con Md txting me then, and another who is uncut....

So.. wait.. how does a masseur comes into the picture? Am no longer young, I am 46 years old and that much fucking took a toll on my legs, they were a little bit achy. Time then for my weekly massage and called on my regular masseur for several months now - would you believe I never touched him there? Never got to know how big or delicious it is?

So, this time, at the end of the massage, my hands touch his knee. No reaction, he continues massaging my chest.

I move my hands to to his legs, slim, thin.. but hard.. No reaction still

Then I reached his jewels... search for the staff.. and finding it... he now reacts:

"Sir, that would be Php500."


  1. "ohhhh, sorry" and I move my hand away. I am still jobless and lviing on my savings. I think for the Php500 I would rather get another 2 hr massage than the pleasure of tasting that cock. I am not a hypocrite, I would dish out money but as a last recourse....

    if you would like to try him.. you can call him at 0905 874 5340

  2. what are his stats bert? How does he look like? Thanks!

    1. Average looks, definitely not ugly. Slim that makes him look tall, probably 5-6 to 5-7.

  3. Hey Bert, at 46 you are just getting into your prime condition! Experience only comes with age, and I prefer experience over youth. Hmm I must be very experienced then!! hehe

  4. lol..

    i thought that last bit was funny :)

    (sorry I don't speak tagalog ^^ )