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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big body, Aching legs

Ok, ok, I guess I did not get my rocks off with green lantern. Worst, I owe my friend for coming to the rescue. But if that happens, why do it? Well, consider it as charity, as additional good karmic points. Along with such point of view, if my ass needs a fucking, it will get a fucking. This point of view is basically what Rhonda Byrne of the Secret.

Thus, surprise, surprise, somebody texted me - Zeke. He is taking a taxi from Robinson Manila to my place. Oh oh, he has money... I mean he has the means to pay a taxi, and not just the LRT or jeep. In a way, that was a bit calming, hard to think of him to be of someone with a bad intention so I welcomed him without any shout for assistance. Him, I plan to face alone.....

OH MY GOD! He is big, and I mean taller and wider than me. If he turns out to be a bad person, I would be at a disadvantage but my spider sense or gay instinct was not screaming. Instead the voice in my head was... alleluia.. alleluia, see, be nice to people even if others would not. My ass remained a virgin despite the threesome, and my ass was still screaming for a fuck, and now a fucking I would get. I was wondering how big he would be and how it might hurt .. with my ass still untouch that day.

He got lose but seem nonchalant. He was nice enough to tell me front hand that he has another appointment after that and that he cannot stay. Duhhhh, as if I would want hi to stay, that meeting was just for sex, since my sexual thirst was still unquench, I want a fuck and then good bye. I just replied with a simple smile and " no problem". On a general level, good sex ought to be repeated but it would be nicer that you leave, yeah, fuck and leave, let me bask alone, savor solo the after sex feeling, or rather at times, be in the loo when the dick is good and y ass literally had a good fucking.

He was moreno, big and wide, and so thus his cock, average I think. As he is big, I suck him good, it was a bit fat cock, and then I sat on it! And that I remember, the uncomfortable soreness on my legs as I straddled his big body, it was more of the cramps that I recall on my legs than my ass. I guess he was also not used to sex that much since straddling him and gyrating, quenching my ass, he did not last long, he came.. pushing his pelvis up and down on my ass, pushing upward more, and then downward. But somehow, I know that was simply a one night stand.. my clue? The advance notice that he is just there for sex, and that he leaves as soon as he finished. Finished he did, he put back his clothes - a shiny satiny polo, green / bronze / gold, whatever, at least his clothes support that he indeed was squeezing a quickie before going out with his friends. Zeke came and go, leaving me with my legs quivering from his wide body, that I straddled..... a good karma, since green lantie left me... hanging...

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