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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sex in the dark

Its not that much that one encounter requests but what endeared this first threesome of the year was he asked for darkness. The lights are normally turned off, with the tv providing the illumination as it plays sex education tapes - meaning m2m or male porn. But he requested that the tv and dvd player be turned off likewise!Ah ok, so i thought of turning the electric aroma burner, which uses a small 2.5volt light bulb, the one normally used in refrigerators, he asked that it be turned off too. Que? What the fuck, it would be too dark until our eyes adjust to the light given by the street lights, which is not exactly enough. I wonder why?

One thing seems to be more definite, it would be the first and last. I do not like the set up, upsetting when the routine is change.

Lets name him greenlantern as he abhorred light and delighted in the darkness. He is a cook, nice builty, seems chinese with his fair skin. Very manly and discreet. He had texted me before but I declined since it was too sudden and I was not in the mood. This time, i feel forced in that he was on his way, I was not yet ready at all! Last time, I begged off, now I cannot do that, he was on his way. I hate these so called alpha males, but then, if I spurn him the second time - I do not want to risk a stalker! I, myself, is afflicted with being OC (obsessive compulsive behaviour ). Oh well, who knows?

When I saw him on my terrace, as I am not ready I had to call Louie, who thankfully was available. I just came home, I cannot leave a total stranger in my bedroom, and he seems so "top" and yet someone willing to go oral on someone well endowed like Louie - ergo, a call for help from Louie, who came to my rescue.

So back to Green lantern's request for darkness, there are three of us. We cannot see him, he cannot see us, it was simply the hands doing the looking. His body is sculpted most likely by working out. It was a delight to kiss and suck his biceps, holding and feeling his hard, smooth body..... till my hands reach the souther region whick usually delights my hand, mouth, and ass... I was not expecting much ... for there was nothing to expect at all.

Funny, now I realized why he preferred darkness - but even without sight, my hands are enough to sense his manhood. Oh, I like the hardness but his insecurity is in the size and not the rigidity. No matter - the fun began. I have no inhibitions but both of them simply trying to size up the other. Tauro is open to oral, but he expects reciprocity, or else, he would simply withdraw. Which he did.

So it was a threesome that spared my ass. Only the green lantern came and I owe Tauro for the night! And I though he would be my karmic payment for the previous night orgy. Oh well....


  1. i accidentally discovered your blog bert, im actually bisexual but not that really into it, just in instances when im really horny. im gym addict too. you're such a brave person to be sharing your experiences,more power to your blog. red here.

  2. Here I am again visiting your blog. Would want to someday join in one of your group tryst. It would be something new for me, and I revel on everything new. Please let me join. Thanks!

  3. Hi. Is he from Makati? The Green Lantern guy? I know someone whose body is like Hercules, but when we reached down there oooops. Next dick please. Hehe.