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Monday, July 23, 2007

Doing it with Danilo

Danilo used to work as masseur full time. Now he is working as a waiter, giving massage to clients only during the daytime - he apologize that he is even unable to answer calls during his workshift. He works nights but this Sunday afernoon he obliged me.

He showed that his body have fully recovered from a motorcylce accident.


  1. Are you gonna post pics here, Bert? I've seen Danilo on the e-group, but he hasn't shown any meat lower than the abs. Shy ba siya o small? Anyway, I hope you have some pics to show.

  2. Danilo has one of the longest cocks I have tried - as in, once is enough...

  3. Hi bert, Do you have danilo's contact no.? thanks, cocoy