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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bonbon for an Afternoon

 Bonbon claims to had 3 girlfriends and 2 boyfriends and that he had no sexual relations... huh? Now, this I find to believe.

Likewise,  I am unsure of his age - I was confused. Age is not exactly an issue but that he is unclear on this - if he lies already on his age, what other lies are there? Lies on one's name is a given. But age? Sexual experience?

Red flag! Somehow my intuition warns me to be careful. But he called me up even and there was something in his voice.

Oh well, that hint of  "desperation", that its now or never.. and i agreed to meet him - outside my pad. I normally would rather wait in my pad since there are a lot of " no shows" or posers.

I decided to meet him where I wanted to eat dessert, Chowking! I got to know more - undecided.

Anyway, he had travelled far and so I invited him to my pad. As I closed the door, I immediately touched him, opened his fly and sucked him... it was a test. If he allowed me, then we can proceed... if not, PERIOD.  While I get to know him, I do not know if he was lying or he was simply that inexperienced due to mixed signals - of which all the girlfriends and boyfriends decided to end the relationship.  And if I reject him, how would that affect him? Physically, I like his tan, very manly. He is cute in an innocent way.  Hmmm.. nice, hard, round dick.. he allowed me.. and he simply looked at the ceiling.

So... I brought him to my bedroom.. and proceeded as always.

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