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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the 8th - Poser Paulo!

After the third guy, I had to rest my ass and stayed on my bed before I ventured for a late dinner. I have heard of Matina Square which is said to be the "it" place at night - so there I went! I arrived there just after midnight and had a burger steak from Bar B Q King or something. Funny, it seems one table simply vanished and is still unpaid - so the waiters end up ignoring me when I asked for my bill! I tried to be patient and to be kind, so I simply wrote on a napkin my number, went to the managers on another table and told them, I have no intention of running away from the bill but I am tired of waiting. I showed a thousand bill and said " I have money to pay and I am willing to pay, but I have lost my patience waiting for the bill. Please call or txt me when you are ready to present my bill".

There is a live band there and so I enjoyed listening to the music. Adjacent to it is a 24 hour McDonalds cafe where I had a hot chocolate. I was texting TJ, he said he is near the hotel and that he has someone with him, willing to play if I pay Php100 (yeah, one hundred pesos!) For me, Php100 or less is basically just a token, something that a person who wants male sex that will convince himself that he did it for the money.  I said Yes but he should know that I would be taking pictures ... he declines and so they left.

I arrived at the hotel and I received another text, this guy said his PR account is Itim2 and that we had exchange messages. It felt wrong, eerie, scary. How come he knows I arrived in the hotel? He justified that he lives near. I thought it was another senior moment that i do not remember him. But the timing of his txt? I had to decline.

Then TJ said he sited someone near the hotel and advised me good luck, that the area is practically a cruising area. I asked about who he saw, he saw wearing a white sando, good enough. Oh my... is this txter and the guy in sando one and the same? I immediately went online and check if I indeed had chatted with itim2 : yeah, I did, was a senior moment! It might be something I would regret... his pics if true are good.

Oh welll... another txt from Itim2! This time I invited him over and went down to pick him up.

Surprise! He looks different, he gave fake pictures. He is taller and bigger but if anything bad, the hotel guard already took note of us. The hotel guard locks the gate to the hotel, with that security in mind, I still welcomed him up. A promise is a promise.

I had three very lucky good streak... I guess I would strike out on this one. I feel nothing - no lust, I just want it over and go to sleep. So I moved my head and hand to his crotch. He hold me up... huh? He does not like it? My eyebrow almost shot to the ceiling. Is this guy rejecting me? Oh well, this is one rejection I dont mind. He said he just want to know me and that he knows me, he respects me. Oh yeah... not my loss.

Oh ok... its morning? So as I brought him up, I escorted him down.

His parting words as the guard locks the gate.... I am a photographer, My name is Paulo.

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