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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Traveller on a Firday

It was a friday evening. The traveller was curious but hesitant. He is a chub, thus making his penis size even smaller in comparison to his body mass. But as I always say, I do not discriminate in terms of color, size, height, or length - my primary basis is workability, rigidness, hardness.

I would be 46 years old this October and somehow I have accumulated a certain degree of wisdom and empathy. I like to suck. I like to be fuck, for I am a bottom. So its a hard penis that I need and like, having sex is not an invitation to live together, it is only sharing for some time, an hour or less or a few hours.

When he fuck me, it was like drinking water for the first time. It has been a while since I had been fucked. I even had joked that my ass would had closed if not for him. So there... I sucked him, and he fucked me. I am not a chub chaser, am a cock chaser... and boy was I glad he came!


  1. hi bert, im alexis, im a chubby chaser, i soooo love chubby guys so much, this pics really turns me on, i almost cum, i want him to fuck me, hope to know him aswell if you dont min, thanks

    your fun


    can we keep inn touch about this, heres my email