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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

6 Inch Rod (with Tauro!)

6 July 2012, Friday. This is the night before I travel to Davao. I do not know if I would get lucky to know people there, minus well stock on provisions or reserve - that includes having my sex drive fed! I already had a terrific wild sex with JB24 but I had been exchanging messages with 6Rod for a while, and finally he is coming to my pad!

He is slim, in his 30s, and has a terrific length of a cock (based on his pictures!) It will be just a matter of finding the truth and things...

I had invited Tauro, for he complements me actually so this way, he can also have a good cock to suck or better, he can provide Tauro another ass, and he gets fuck by a lengthy, meaty dick of Tauro.  I know I do sound biased towards 6Rod but he has proven himself nice and professional in our message exchange, and I do the golden rule - they are nice, so I would be nice!

But if you find such a big hard cock, not to mention he has so nice a pectorals - I was just human and took to sat on his cock while Tauro inserts and adds his cock inside my ass!!! Yes, I was moaning and much more happy. Thanks to the earlier fuck, it was not so hard to take both of them in!! If there was any regret - Ting was not around to take shots!! And I was busy sucking to take self pics.

Last week, it was Tam who got double fuck.. now its my turn! And damn, it felt good... i was so ready then to go to Davao, and I can last even without having sex there!

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  1. Hmm so his cock is really 6 inches long?
    But isn't such length like, only about average?