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Friday, July 27, 2012

The last - Completing 12th Dabawenos!

I had a good time with 11th and thought it best to round the number! Afterall, he did mention he is open to group sex. I still have some texters interested to drop by. And so, I replied I am game for a threesome with a friend ready on hand.

Be careful of what you wish for, one gets it! I did get my 12th visitor but it was disastrous. Well, the guy is wanting sex but he was averse for the camera, I guess he was not expecting it! But my pictures and my blog already had shown that I do take pictures. I guess he was so afraid of the shot even after I had shown it to him.

Well, I guess that turned him off or he was simply rude. I find it rude when he started to whisper to Eleven, after all I had to reiterate that I do not know their vernacular, their dialect. He stated he wants to fuck Eleven who declined and so I though I have to offer my ass - outright rejection, he said he does not want to fuck me! Ouch!. That was rude, so.... there, I started to dress up. They asked where I am going since i am dressing up, a direct answer : "dinner, but after you two finished up, i cant and would not leave either of them in my room"

Eleven tried to accomodate Twelve and dry humped him. Twelve eventually jack himself off with his cum on his body, I simply offered toilet paper for him to clean up.

"I dont use that. I am used to cloth. Dont you have any cloth?"

"Sorry, this is all I can offer - tissue papeer"

Afterall, why should I offer any towel or even used clothes? He was rude, rudeness begets rudeness.

So there, he finished up, cleaned up.. and left.... A second rejection and a totally rude person. That is life!


  1. where did you meet all these guys? share :D

  2. So hot. Hope to be partof you collection. Pangarap ko magkaroon ng ganyang experienced. Top ako