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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Robert.. with production cost!

 12 June 2012. I was so lost and so I decided to go malling and when someone txted asking if we can meet in Metropoint Mall, I obliged, one of those very rare occasion I agreed outside - something for me to regret. Ian never showed up! He claimed that his interview lasted longer than he expected.. duhhh! And yet, later on, he had the gall, the temerity to ask if he can stay with me in my apartment during his training period here? What else could be my answer except an immediate and bold NO!

But as I expect, things happen for a reason. I did not meet Ian but I bumped into Robert. He approached me on the second floor and introduced himself. My face was blank. There is something about his face, definitely male, very masculine, dark skin, muscled and toned body - not from working out in a gym, but from working hard in a laborious job! So, I listened to him. Talked to him, and being hungry, offered him merienda.
It appears that I met him years ago.. as in around 12 years ago but he has not forgotten how I help him find a job. Oh well, this is a reason I do journal or blog - senior moments do happen!

He is jobless now, married and with a baby to boot! He wants to go home but he is still awaiting decision of his labor case against his employer. He was offered Php60K as settlement for his labor claim of benefits after working for 4 years. He is waiting for a bit more settlement offer. In the meantime, he is looking for ways to survive. Thus - this time, i helped him financially and he helped me sexually!

I was surprised to have such a big fat cock, and since it was a while that I had sex, I declined sitting on his cock. I just suck and lick on that cock of his.


  1. hehe i like the story behind this entry :)

  2. Maybe I can help him and he can help me too. Care to share his # Bert?