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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Davao 1 - TJ!

 07 July 2012, Saturday. I was basically sleepless since I had to be at the bus terminal by 6am and then at Clark Airport for my trip to Davao. There is something about the landing that i was dry puking, sorry. I met Ernz at SM Davao and had a late lunch then we went to the hotel. The taxi driver got lost and had to ask around!  I stayed at Davao Imperial Hotel which had converted most of the rooms to office / stores. It was like a maze!

 My other preparation for the trip was to change my location in PR to Davao, wednesday that week. I was already in touch with TJ, who has a thing for people older than him - he prefers people in their 40s and the 30s. I told him I am game with my friend Ermz, and he simply asked for the age! Ernz had matured with whites on his sides and all, which disappeared by having a bald haircut!

 So here on the first day, first night are some of the pics of the fun between me, TJ, and Ernz!

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