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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seventh Sex - ITS THE SHAPE!

10 July 2012, Tuesday early evening.  Some friends would have said I already reached quota for the day - already had my fifth and sixth, can I still carry it for a seventh?

But a promise is a promise. I promise to meet and provide some sexual pleasure and i shall fulfill that promise even if only by my mouth! My ass had been well used by my two earlier friends and I was definitely wiped out.

So there I was - I did not bother to strip my clothes nor have him fully naked. As can be seen in the pics - I was still wearing my blue shirt and he still has his black briefs. I was able to take him fully in my mouth, perhaps he would not last long. It was a pleasure sucking his hard cock although its IRREGULARLY SHAPED LIKE AN S! It was more than just curved, sort of double curved. Damn! I was still tired but my libido rose, he was definitely horny and I was sharing his emotions. I then proceeded to have him totally naked and I bared all my clothes. My mouth was not enough for him, well i can try a little bit more fuck.  I placed a condom on him and positioned myself to sit on him.

Ohhhhhh shit!!

He is not as big as the previous two, perhaps i was just more sensitive with him being my third - he simply felt bigger in my ass! I released a sigh of ecstasy - its the shape! I have always enjoyed curved cocks, they feel great inside... much more a double curved cock? It seemed an s, a cobra, a snake spitting venom inside my ass.  I relished sitting and straddling him! I thought I already had the best of what Davao gents to offer, he was definitely an equal! I could live here and sleep everynight with a smile!

From being on top, we moved to a sitting position, then with me on my back. My legs could not last long - he was then on top of me, moving inside and out, making me moan with pleasure. Soon, he came inside, leaving his man milk in the protection!

Writing this... the three of the days event are simply worth staying here!


  1. grbe ang titi snake kung snake... it fels great cguro sa ass no sir bert?

  2. we can do it again bert. i'm based in makati now. hehe

    ---seventh of davao