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Monday, July 16, 2012

Poser in the dark?

6 July 2012, Friday. He said he was horny and asked if he could already come now... as in now, and that was around lunch time. He said he was in the bus, had to wait for an aunt, had to do this, had to do that..... after five hours, I do not like to think ill but i guess he is a poser. Instead of wasting more time, i left the house and went to waltermart.

He kept on texting on how hot he is, how excited he is, what he wants to do, what he wants to experience. Duhhhhhh!  Then he would ask if I do not mind that he is not that "masculine" etc etc.  Oh well, I just replied so so...
  He asked if I am horny and was seeking reassurance if I dont mind slim etc etc. Ho hum, My mind is actually on my trip to Davao!

My cousin Mariz would be dropping by later to take care of my two cats and all. I went to waltermart for a few items to bring. Me? No longer believing that this person does exist... he said I shoul expect him around 130pm, just after lunch... kept on texting.. i was just more and more annoyed, irritated. A poser? A liar? Hmmmmp.... patience.. cool ...
Surprisingly around 830 pm, he said he was in my place. REALLY? In my mind, I had given up and lose hope.  It turns out, he was indeed at my doorstep after 7 hours! What should i feel? All I could think of is INCONSIDERATE ASSHOLE!

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