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Thursday, July 26, 2012

10th - A Fast Quick Oral

 The claim to fame of the 10th guy I met: fastest quickie. A quickie is usually 15 - 30min. In this case, from the time he came into the room to the time he left... it was most likely 15 minutes tops. It was just definitely oral... and he does not look less than 20 but he was in white , I could only surmiss a student in the medical field. Likewise, he was rushing because he would still be pick up, presumably "rich, overly protected kid".

He came in and just drop open his pants but due to the size of the room, i could not go down on my knees and service him - best he lie on the bed which is how I was able to get a quick photo. The camera was placed on the side of the bed, for a fast shot. So for that day - twice I had sex, twice simply oral. I can only hope for a third one that would result in  a hotter sex, one involving my ass also!

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