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Monday, July 16, 2012

2nd Group Fun on 2012 June 26

My foursome is already spent, and yet I still have one friend who is on the way ... and someone is late. Let the two late comers be with me as a threesome! Simple? Not exactly, there is something, something that Winshane and Tauro should not be in the same room, best they would not catch each other.

 Ironpig is someone else! From a foursome to a threesome, which is more outstanding? Hard to judge, Tam leveled up from being fucked by three guys, me included to being double fucked! Double penetration is something else.

I thought I was well spent but Ironpig is so tempting - and the came three times. First in a condom as I sat on him, 2nd in my mouth, and third on his chest after being fucked by Tauro!

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