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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Davao Guy # 2 - Bern

7 jULY 2012. The threesome after the travel was tiring and since it was time for dinner, he taught us directions in going back to SM Davao. A very reasonable and good place to eat was Mandarin. I need to have soup and Ernz had this beef beefsteak. After which, we went around a little - towels! Bought a towel. The place is ... well, almost a dump compared to other places. The hotel is redeeming in the sense it is so easy and very discreet for others to come in and out!

And the second person to drop in was Bern, who dropped by after Ernz and I went back to the hotel and fell asleep! We were watching the big night of the Pinoy Big Brother Teen edition, and both of us woke up to find it already ended. Good thing, my Mom was so excited herself that she had texted the winner.

Winner is how I felt when Bern said he is going to drop by, no matter that it is already after midnight. He relished my oral ministrations, his cock was very hard as he is naked on the bed. I moved to get picture... a little opposition, but I still managed to get a few more shots. His cock was very hard, I just need to sit on it. But he said, he is not comfortable. Ernz even found it weird he does not want to fuck.. duhhh.. I placed a condom and lowered myself.. I would not be denied a feel of such a hard cock in my ass. It was heaven! Yeah, his is not as endowed as Ernz, but it was even harder!

But what happened is that after a few up and down, well I stopped and just continued sucking and asked Ernz to start fucking my ass - he was more than happy to do so. It had been a while since he had sex - more so after leaving the monastery behind him!

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  1. hi bert panu mo nakilala ang mga namet mu na guys sa davao tru PR or wat>?\