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Friday, July 13, 2012

Instant Group Fun

2012 June 26, Tuesday. Many do usually inquire when is the next group fun, can i drop by for an orgy - and my usual reply, its something that simply happens, UNPLANNED, UNSCHEDULED! Like on that day, Winshane had already texted and asked if there is any visitor later. I said no - nada, I still have to fixed my place. Then, Elmar also texted his availability. Hmmmm, gotten bored and on a whim, I said yes to Elmar and contacted Winshane - get your ass over here. Voila ! A threesome just like that! Hmmm, these are two tops and I was hesitant that both would fuck me ... dang! Not sure if I can take both Tops or a double fuck. Then Tam texted, inquiring about my place... he was also insistent earlier and I declined his offer to visit. Well, minus well have another ass around. He was excited for the invite so it was all settled!

Ting is not here to take photographs, so it was me! Winshane and Elmar are old time visitors since last year, so they did not mind the flash and my camera, they know and trust me enough. Tam? He was lost in the sensation of having sex with Elmar and Winshane, and then I would suck his cock as he was sucking someone else! No problem with pics... so many! So here is the initial batch, enjoy!

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