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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Jumping to bed with Jerry

Destiny. I believe in fate, Jerry have been here in my pad but nothing happened then. Mat is a friend that brought Jerry before but I felt uncomfortable doing it with him, so nothing happened before us.

Then there is this G4M, but we were exchanging messages without knowing we have met before. Jerry got an inkling when he was planning his trip, he contacted Mat and that is when he confirmed that he had been here. I still did not know anything.

Jerry arrived in my pad before I did, I was having dinner in my mother's house. Ernz was already in the pad to welcome Jerry. I arrived with Ernz and Jerry talking on the bed, that was then that I saw him in person, and that is when I recognized that he had been here. I smiled. The photos would show, something I missed because I declined the first time - and now, I had a taste, and best of all, I was tasting him while alternating sucking Ernz.

Unsolicited advise from then, stock up on condom! Safe sex is still a must. Ernz took a condom and mentioned that it was the last - so I did not had the chance to be fucked by Jerry. So there I was on my fours, taking Ernz dogstyle. He was ramming me, but I would not, could not scream for my mouth was full of Jerry. I was moaning, happily, groggily satiated having both cocks at both ends.


  1. i always look forward in reading your blog, exciting :-) kindly show and tell us something about this Jerry, and your second time with Brian and Arnold. bakit kasi walang content?

  2. Sorry... been so busy with work and all. Only now had I time to really sit, crop, frame, and upload the pics.

  3. ang swerte mo naman bert, ang dami mo nang nakabedscene, hope i could experience those guys, pwede ba?

  4. ang swerte mo naman, ang dami mo ng nakabedscene, pwede ko rin ba silang itry?

  5. ei bert dis is mat medyo na shock lang ako and you mention my name atleast medyo iba nilagay mo na name but i know it ws me coz i recognize "jerry's" cock hehehe and alam ko nga na pumunta siya sa iyo hehehehe.....youre such one lucky guy with all those cocks ay guys pala hehehehe

  6. Mat Makati... you recognize "jerry's cock", show how familiar you are with it... hehehehehe