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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy weekend.. as in Happy new year to us!

Tomorrow  - I shall post. And thus, it is no surprise that I have not posted for a month! Been busy here, sucking and fucking - and that when I have friends, I just leave them together. At times, I have people and someone I do not even bother to take the pics  - do not ask why, just not in the mood.

I have modified the background image - first I chose green, for they say that Emerald Green is the color for 2013, but could not find a good one. I still favor blue and found this one blue wave pattern - well, 2013 is suppose to be the year of the water snake, so minus well use these blue wave pattern.

Water and waves - sometimes we are simply caught up with the waves, just swimming along it - going along its direction. This is what I found myself - better to go with the flow at times, as it is more difficult to go against it ....

I have so much to post - pictures and stories. But less I get drowned with backlog - let me share these pics that happened a while ago, a few hours back...I had three visitors, I just did some licking and sucking ... and assisted a young friend in the experience of being a bottom....

Its the last week of Kahit Puso's Masugatan - yeah, am a telenovela fan. So I did not notice that Drago and Tauro were already here. They came in together and I left them while I prepared. Wow! When I entered, this is what I saw, Drago already on top of Tauro and yet - not fully naked. I guess the sexual heat was too much! i assisted in having them naked after a few couple of photos.

Drago ... was lost in the attention of Tauro and myself. His chest, his nipples were massaged and sucked. He sucked at Tauro while I was sucking him and licking his balls. He was gasping with delight and before he could find his sense, placed a condom on Tauro's cock and suck at his dick.. then at his nipple - he was powerless to oppose.. he was simply going along the tide.. willing to level up ... consenting to all the sensations.. and the hard dick to enter his ass!! Since it was his first time to our knowledge, Tauro was very gentle.. took time for Drago to get accustomed..  Tauro was simply inside, then the gentle rocking motion. It was too much - Drago came. We let him relax and rest... for more that is.

 Well, I received a text message from Larcy - he is on the door! Hmmm, a good top by virtue of the size and shape of his cock. The head is not that big, small but then the penis trunk gets bigger and wider... and its a little bent does giving a different sensation, a different pleasure. They have met earlier this month - Drago and  Larcy knows each other so I guess there would be no problem with the two.

So there was the four of us. And I left them three - continued my annual cleaning. Let them have some private time only to see Tauro cleaning up... ooops, he must have finished. I do not blame him, he has early work tom. So I simply went back inside to see what assistance (mainly to bring in condoms which i have stashed) only to find Drago already sitting on Larcy;s cock... unmoving.  Oh my! I guess he enjoyed what he had earlier so now he is sitting on Larcy's dick - which he simply suck the last orgy they met!

And from a sitting position - Larcy moved Drago to be underneath him... this is one time I wish i have at least a recorder.. Drago moaned with pain and pleasure!


  1. Nice you back writing your blog. Its bean long time Bert- hope thier be more blog see you around.


  2. Musta bert nice shot galing nila pwede b makilalacna drago at tauro kung ok lng syo.slamat.09127242377

  3. welcome back, love your pics but the stories that follow behind it makes it hotter

  4. Hi bert i hope to meet you and be part of your sexcapades please text me. 09175057326 - Chester

  5. Hi bert would love to be part of your excapades 09175057326