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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Enjoying life!!! Part 1

 I know I had been remiss in updating my blog at times, but I would like to think I have not been remiss in enjoying life! I see have not posted last July and yet these pics would show that there was a FOURsome last 21 July 2013 - two of them visible, but the last pic would show a third one.. and then add me in to the equation!

Randy was visiting from Cebu and he had shared he has a certain fetish for "balbon" men and that he had seen a picture of such a guy - and I said, sure, I know him - IRONPIG and he was available! So there, a threesome was set. Then on the same day, Larcy texted so I simply welcomed him.

Randy and I had sex the previous day and I was really grateful to his highly satisfying that I could not help reward him with a simple setup of his fetish. I know ... I should have more pictures considering how hot it was.. but Ironpig has his own fetish too... he likes to be sucked while being fucked... how can I take pictures when I was busy sucking him? Likewise, Randy having had sex with me the previous night.... ooops, he expired earlier than expected. AND thus, I felt and know ironpig still needs to be taken cared of... what did I do.. I rushed to place a condom on a black double edge dildo and used it on him. I felt him reached for it, and for a while I was afraid he will pull it out BUT instead he pushed more of it in!!! OH wow.. He is a power bottom!!!

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