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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Text and they came ....

Saturday, 03 August 2013 - I was still smarting from the death of a cousin. My cousin was born 20 days earlier than me. He was the first friend, the first "gang", and he was gone. I felt quite sad and melancholic with his passing away. He was 67 days shy of being 47. I realized how short life is, how we should endeavor to make every moment count - in short ENJOY LIFE.

As part of that enlightenment, I welcome an invite and ask some friends to come.. and came they did.

The first pic is that of Boy,I did not invite him but he sent a text asking for my state of mind, you know the usual "musta" or "how are you?". I have met him and so I had no qualms in simply inviting him to join us - a surprise invite and yet he was the first one...

The guy above is Viktor... a versatile  that is usually sandwiched between me and a top friend of mine.

 The third who came was  Andy ... a good versa top, he is always welcome in my pad. Actually, I trust him too much that I entrusted one of my kittens to him.

The 4th and 5th was Paulo and Tauro!... oh my - these are all friends of mine, the so called guest of honor, the one who I invited friends for - he was the one not present..... but pleasure waits for no one, thus the fun began!

And then he came... the last one, who turns out to be the youngest of them all....

What does one do? After closing the door, leading him to the bedroom - i was caressing him, fondling him, fishing his dick out and sucking it to hardness. I helped him take off his shirt. Half naked and horny when i escorted him inside the bedroom... Why? He claims innocence to group fun and it is this curiosity that led him to my doorstep - sometimes there are fantasies better left unheeded and worse, sometimes some people are afraid to realize their fantasies... and I was right to anticipate, he hesitated and was unsure. But there was no backing out... oh yeah... fun.....

fun? in hind sight, they had fun. My mother called me up to pick her up from the wake earlier than I expected. Good thing there was Paulo, Andy, and Tauro - friends I trust and thus I felt confident leaving a full blown orgy... I came back and it was all over... done with... yeah... fun did not wait even for me!


  1. ang sarap nman join nman.

  2. you write really well and the pics are scorching, I am a fan now!!!!