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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Trunk Trial to.. sunday sex (2 of 2)

Oh yes! Jhayel is a good fuck! Last time, there was a dearth of pics as I actively suck his cock, this time I already anticipated the possibility that I might be the only ass available : I asked XXXXX to be the one behind the camera, and me in front of it! Jhayel is no fuss and he already said he would be coming back this coming sunday again. Hmmmm, I can only hope to meet a versatile or a bottom that can experience him and XXXXX.

This was one group fun I relished - imagine sucking that cock while having another dick in my ass? I know what I want and as it turns out : I remember Jayson and know Jhayel. I sat on Jhayel cock and Jayson fed his manhood to me then the next position I was on my fours, Jhayel fucking me dog fashion in which he came inside me ass. Jayson ... well, he was not finished... so it was him and XXXXX and me back as the photographer.

I do have several people that intimated that they are willing to join an orgy, that I text them when there is one. Oh my goodness - another factor is that they have not been in my place and wish to adventure looking for it on the day of action? One of the mood destroyers is that while others are fucking and sucking, i would be on the mobile phone texting, sending replies and directions?

At this point, its back to XXXXX and Jayson, Jhayel left after cumming. I like that - no need for chitchat, nop need for me to evict or push them to go home.  Thus, here, two tops had a go on each other... Jayson came first and XXXXX simply added his cum !

Postscript : XXXXX asked me why I did not try the bigger cock? Because I know that dick has a problem of being able to maintain its hardness for a good fuck. There is this rigidity or hardness factor that endears Filipinos or Pinoys than other races.


  1. Im not sure if u r gonna take this positively. I have been reading ur blog since I was in high school and have been an avid fan. I always dreamed of being in ur blog one day. I have moved to manila and am working in makati.I still dream of being in the blog but now I still enjoy reading. :)

  2. Hi Bert,

    How Can i contact you privately? Thanks! Ill wait for your reply here