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Monday, February 3, 2014

Trunk trial ... (1 of 2)

Confession time :  Some people find me so lucky and do even congratulate me but the thing is, life is not a series of orgasms. Laughter and happiness is beyond having sex. Likewise, time is no longer the same as before, and thus despite some precautions there are those whose hand are quicker than my eye - I lose certain things in my pad. The items per se are not that material, actually a freebie from a Sun contract - I also lost the previous mobile from Sun (but its circumstance was definitely not in the bedroom). But that marks and make me gloomy. Thus, the result is lesser sexual activity and more into other outlets such as shopping and the creative arts. Part of the shopping is looking for bargain items and sharing the find with friends.

Since last 26 January, nothing sexual ... am a bit more cautious and afraid. However, finding this neon orange trunks - it would look good on XXXXX and bought it for him. I asked him to drop by and try them out, if not I return and exchange them.... and if he is dropping by - minus well accept a visitor or two!

Jayson was a previous acquaintance and i do not recall he has met XXXXX, so I welcomed him at 9pm! There, a threesome is good enough!

Jhayel texted me around 830pm asking if there is anything and I do remember his cute face, clear skin, and that hard cock. I said yes, he asked if he can join - welcome! That is trust and a risk taker I take. He is a risk taker because he did not ask how many, who are the participants, or any stats of the participants. True, it is natural for a person to be curious and asked - how many would be there, who would be there, where they are from, and what are the stats of these people BUT imagine the burden for the host for these questions. I do not want to waste time and effort to answer them so I simply cut off the person from being part of the action.  This Jayson remember when we chitchat, before the arrival of XXXXX and Jhayel.

I immediately cut off people who I have not met that wants to come and when I did invite, their first question is for an orgy - my usual reply is that would you invite a stranger to meet your friends, family or so.  That is the reason why I want to meet first on a one on one - XXXXX is quite active if the likes the person but very passive when he is not inspired. I guess this is the reason that some likes an orgy - that by the number of participants one would get lucky, but my one on one already assures a good release. There are times also that when I met a person, i do text or call a friend immediately, I do know how to share a good find.

In this case ... hmmm ... the tandem between me and XXXXX shows that Jhayel and Jayson to be top and am the only bottom - i am the one who get fucked and XXXXX gamely took the pictures, now, he was behind the camera.

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  1. liit nmn yan.gapan nueva ecjia ako.malaking ang dick ko