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Friday, January 31, 2014

Good bye and hello

Received a text asking why I have titled Good bye and hello ... I almost forgot that I have uploaded pics with my write up to follow. I lost the momentum to write due to the bad internet connection by SUN broadband (thus again, the plea that do not subscribe to them... its not worth it. i would have had said good bye if not for the contract period I had signed last year).

Sunday, 26 January 2013 - last sunday of the month. I am still smarting and slowly getting to move on ... little by little.  So am I sharing my number and willing to accept visitors, getting to know them by the text messages or PR messages being exchanged. I set the time of 730pm to meet Mikong, suppose to be one on one but he arrived around 745pm. I likewise had set 8pm to meet Denmar but arrived 730pm! Panic time? Just a bit.
I have already presumed visitors wanted group sex but I just simply usually insist on a one on one on the first meet this way I accomplish several things:

1. No group sex expectation - So its a surprise for them if it happens. If they have an expectation and the number they are expecting is not met, then they would be simply frustrated. And as I have always explained - most of my contacts that I maintain are more than fuck buddies, they are friends - AND THEY ARE PEOPLE!  Meaning they have their own lives and that I do not own them. A lot do text or message me expecting me and these people to be just here waiting and available for sex .. duhhhh...

2. Screen out the undesirables - Well, sometimes one meets that the physical features are not exactly desirable. I have no expectations myself and thus I have quite a wide range of tolerance but I could not say so for all my friends.  Screening out likewise goes for the attitude or personality - particularly the Laila Dee(s), the gay classification for those who simply want to be serviced, those who think that they deserved to be idolized, revered and lavished with attention.  So, if i could not find fun with someone, and he is just dead weight or inactive... I no longer inflict the same waste of time to my friends.

The schedule would have that if Mikong is good, I would simply ask him to stay and he could likewise meet Den Mar. For my personal safety, I asked XXXX to join me and it is his call to join us if he likes too, impressing that I have never met any of them and thus the risk involve. True enough, he intimated later that he does not like Mikong and sighed a relief when he simply left, wondering how i was able to do so.
Well, GOOD BYE to Mikong. I immediately ushered Mikong and Den Mar inside the bedroom, XXXXX was left on the verandah.  Den Mar excused himself to use the bathroom. As I was left with Mikong - he asked twice where the other people are, he likewise commented on how small his dick is... I can take a hint, a person in bed making excuses? I stood up and said, "well, if you want, you could just leave"
Mikong "Are you sure, its ok?"
me : " No problem, go"
I opened the door and stood there watching him get dress and leave the room all the way out of the pad.

So.. it was Good bye for Mikong. That left a threesome with me, Den Mar, and XXXXX. But as there are good byes - there are hellos... received a text from Jhayel asking how I am.. I replied invited him over, he simply said yes, no questions on who are here or how many there would be. Soon enough, it was a HELLO to him! I was honestly a bit annoyed with the Mikong insident but I felt good looking at Jhayel - he is handsome and all.. and thus, likewise, my apologies that I could not stay long as the photographer, I took active participation in bed. I wanted to tongue, suck and lick him all over.

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