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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Power Fuck .. THREE IN ONE (2 of 3)

XXXXX understands my hesitance to invite other people and I viewed that between him and me, we would be able to make our initiate a different level of sexual experience. In this case - Ford was double fucked with a white dildo and his cock! Ford was moaning with delight, he kept saying "good .. so good.. harder.. harder".

The picture tells it all - Ford was pulling XXXX to fuck him deeper, harder. and at this point, it was not only a hard cock but also the white dildo on top! Sexually, my participation was feeding my cock into Ford's mouth who hungrily suck me.  My other role was being an assistant - I washed with Joy Antibac the dildos used (we actually used a white and a double ended black one), placed a condom and lubricant on both!

XXXXX repositioned the white dildo, instead of being on top of his hard cock, he moved it to be on the bottom, thus this time that I took pictures - it was very evident that he was fucking Ford while a true live cock was there. XXXXX had already proven himself as a power top and defiitely Ford is a power bottom! It was a first even for me to see, and I have never experienced that - a dildo and a live cock!

Oh yes - I have not seen any pic of two dildos in one ass, and now... XXXX was going to fuck Ford with his own cock. That would make three cocks in one ass! Three in one!


  1. Hello Bert! May I have your number? Thank you.<3

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      My apologies but I will not post my number on the internet publicly even on my own blog. I suggest you send an email to me so we can chat and get to know each other. My email add is

    2. Hi Bert (may I call you "Bert" ?),

      I emailed you already. Hope we do get well.


    3. Thank you for the email, already read it but I could not reply - I think its the damn SUN connection, do not subscribe to them! I am unfortunately contract bound to them already, huge, HUGE mistake! You are not a "disturbance". Its my connection that is disturbing me!

  2. Hey! Thank you for replying. It's nice that you took time and gave attention to me but I guess we shall be talking in gmail instead? (laughs) Please let's keep in touch every now and then. I'm sorry but I got to sleep. Appointments tomorrow. (sigh) Goodnight Bert! ;)

  3. malaking ang burat ko.pano pumunta jan