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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

20 + 24 = 44. Pwede na!!!

I am shocked to know that it has been a month since I last posted... wow! Time flies so fast! My apologies for that, I lost my "live in partner" Luna. Yeah she is only a cat for some, but for me - she was the reason I did not really consider my life to be sad. I am now back to being semi kalbo since I cut my top knot, "shintaro look", when she passed away. I said I guess I should now look for a person to be within my age range, but its not easy to find a man, more so someone to be in his 40s - so second best thing I could think off - > a 20 year old and and another 24 year old - together, that should be 44 years of age, 44 years of experience.. not so far from my 47 years... and thus the fun resumes!

So I was depressed and still suffers from the slow... slow ... slow connection of SUN!!! I just have to remind myself that what should I expect from an unlimited internet connection for Php600 per month? eventhough it is bundled with a regular mobile plan .. i have to bear and hope that their services improves or that more would realize how bad their service is.

This is Vinvin"s 3rd time to visit and it would be Zeds first time. Vinvin is only 20 year but already working and so is Zed who is 24 years old. Hmmm, funny is that since I was on chat with several people, I thought that Zeds would be 5-10 160lbs.. thus the idea of another person just to be on the safe side. Surprisingly, Zeds is only 5 fee 1 inch and thus I my first words was " how old are you?". I mean, when I saw him, he could be below the legal age and I do not like that responsibility.

Vinvin had arrived first and asked permission to shower.  I guided Zeds direct to the bedroom and left to heat water for coffee. In an instant, Zeds and Vinvin were already naked and holding each other! Wow, they are the ideal participants .. no more coyness, no more shyness - they are adults, men who knows what they want! These would be fun!

I took my camera and started taking shots. I know they would be good, they are having fun at each other. Although fully cloth, I tasted both cocks, enjoying their hardness! And as I presumed, they are both unhindered - they enjoyed each other's cocks as well, enjoying man kisses and all. Soon enough, Zeds shoot his semen in my mouth! Damn - I normally would hate this but I simply took his jism, felt him shuddering, heard his moan and when he stopped, time to spit them out on the sink. When i returned...  Vinvin appeared to have released his load.. I search where the semen was - looking at Zeds, I just said " no need to answer, feel free to use the rest room or the sink" and directed him as he left the bedroom. End of round One.

The nice thing about the younger ones, one shoot is not enough : evidenced by their hard on that did go soft. They sort of cooled down and rested watching my educational groups of men having fun, their hands stroking their cock. It would be a pleasure to get fuck by both of them.


  1. Bert sana maka join this ako sa group fun mo.
    I texted you. Will wait for your reply

  2. Bert how can I join your group fun?