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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Foursome waiting game

Saturday, 04 June 2011. Yes, I had sex with Kukumartin. After that, we went out for a very late lunch at SM Manila, where I attended the Canon Photoeskuwela. Yeah I want to learn more about photography and videography. Kukumartin was nice to point me out to the right direction, after he realize I was lost in the mall! I thought the electronics or cyberzone was in the topmost floor, did not know they move it in the basement, along the foodcourt. So I learned more about Kukumartin while we are walking from one side to the other side, back and forth, and from the bottom to the top of sm manila. Kukumartin is not an airhead and he does have a lot of friends, who find it hard to believe that he is single. I heard him stressing and promising that he is single, hoping for the next one? Any applicants there?

But I also have my own circle of friends. While sitting in the symposium, I was also texting. By then, Kukumartin left after he delivered me to the right place. At that time, I was wondering if it would be a one time sex (not good to use a one night stand, since it happened in the afternoon). Now, that I am blogging last saturday, I know the answer. He will come back, and it will be a threesome with Dennis, with Ting taking over a hundred pics of our sex! Well, talking about pics, I took some pics of Kukumartin's feet for those foot fetishers out there.

Kukumartin was very satisfying, I thought I am already good enough for the weekend. Then, Albeert sent a text asking if we can meet. Hmmmm, that small but terribly good in bed - I said yes! And since I know how good and open he is, I invited back Louie and Vince (they live quite near, one is just a jeepney ride away, and the other can walk to my place). Why not a foursome? Louie and Vince tried to double fuck me but to no success. Perhaps, with Albert, a double fuck can be manage. In my memory, the only successful double fuck would be with Borjseville and Albert. I want to replicate that feeling!