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Monday, June 6, 2011

June Opening of Classes!!!

03 June 2011, Friday! I had been off my blog since I got my stuff back! I mean, I now have my joy box back, its a box full of toys, my survival kit! When I went abroad in 2007, I was not sure on how to get my fix of sensual delights that by the end of 2008, already started collecting dildos and vibrators so that I would be self sufficient. Funny that time flies so quick, you know the feeling, setting things for another day, for tomorrow only to realize its been 2 weeks already! Its actually another month. I might have not blog as I wanted too, but I still have things to blog about - except I lack the pictures, i am sorry for that, please for those postings with no pics, just use your imagination.

I received a some PR messages asking about my status due to my inactivity here, some expressing delight in the lessons they learned. Well, consider this posting another class - and the primary question, what is the sucking order? I have mentioned that the fucking order should always be from the smallest to the biggest, it should be according to size.

The visitors of the night was Winston, Vince, and Tauro. I was however very, very much drained not only of the heat of the weather but also of the work stress. I was so emotionally and physically drained that Winston found me sleeping! Ting was there early to harvest his citiville crops, and he was the one who replied and texted. So Winston found his way to my pad, and soon, Vince was also there. Between Winston and Vince, a first timer and a friend - the first timer takes priority. One should always welcome a first timer, a new acquaintance so he would not feel out of place, the friend would then have to be understanding.

Now, I think its Vince third visit - first time was a one on one, second time, I invited him so he could indulge his voyeuristic desire, but he love it so much, he was an active participant in the end. Vince second time, there were four of us, he is cute, handsome so it was not difficult for someone to serve his manhood, to suck his dick - which goes well, he gets sucked while watching some action. But, after one guy has left, I just saw him doing it actively with Jandrei!! So much for being a passive participant. This time, Vince invited his friend over, Louie! Louie is in his mid 20s, slim, and without doubt, gifted. So there are four of us on my bed - one old timer, and two first timers, Winston and Louie. Who to suck first? Yes, Louie is bigger than Winston, so if both would fuck me, Winston would be the first fuck. But who to attend? Who to suck first? Since both are first timers, I ask both of them to lie beside one another, fondled both of them, and I took Winston in my mouth first (first come, first serve sort of) then I move to Tauro. Yes, i was alternatively sucking them, first winston, then Tauro, my head and mouth swithhing back and forth between the two, welcoming both, making the feel at home. Until Winston started to go for Vince, and sucking him - our threesome brought Vince inside and broke into two twosomes. There was me sucking Louie, while Winston was sucking Vince!

With two or more newcomers, best to serve them on a first come first serve and then alternate, dont stay lone on one cock.

From there, it was switching of partners, watching while two or more where having fun. Yeah, I can still here the tweaking of my bed! I think this bed would not last more than 3 years or so! In the end, I was on my back being fucked by Tauro while I suck Vince and Winston watching the sex live! I love teaching, and they are all good students.

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  1. Welcome back to the blog Bert. We have been waiting expecting great things and as usual you never disappoint!!