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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Third chances ....

Saturday, 04 June 2011. I am frequently asked where do I meet these guys? ONLINE!!! And I am not talking about facebook or fb eventhough I do have an account in that site. I am talking about the former guys4men or planetromeo (aka pr). Before, I use the chatrooms to find good hookups, now, PR is good enough. And that is where I also hooked up with Kukumartin, I know - the person was simply playing with the most popular star or the male star of decade. Kukumartin is only 21 years old, a Virgo, and still a student, he is now on his internship. His profile is not exactly that enticing as he only has one picture of himself, shirtless, with a pet dog. He is dark skinned and he is proud of it, and that adds to his sexiness, he is aiming to get a bit darker. His pic would qualify him as a twink, most likely taken when he was still a teenager.

Why third chances? He had been texting for a meet up, eager for group sex but I insist on meeting him first. But on that set meeting, he simply did not show up! No text, nothing. Normally that would be infuriating but somehow I was expecting it, and I was more stressed out with work. He texted again with no apologies, if he can still visit and have sex. Ho hum, I said yes, but the weather was cloudy, and it did rain - on that, I texted him not to come anymore as the sudden rains made it difficult for me to come home. Third time - last saturday, he sent a text that he is available and would like to come. My eyebrown lifts but it was hot and my libido was still up by a foursome the previous night. I gave him the go signal.

Somehow he made it with not much aggravation on my part. I find it aggravating when people would be asking for directions over text, i simply find it so cumbersome, eventhough I use a querty keypad, its not the same as a keyboard. And the greatest surprise is finding him on my door steps, he was not only dark, he was also tall and handsome! Yeah, for me, I would find him handsome, he reminds me of my latino friends. I say this because others might just find him common, particularly more due to his tanned skin.

He looked around my pad, assessing and quiet over my mess. Ei, I have around 115 boxes of stuff from Venezuela and have opened around 90% of them. Its also this stuff that made me off from blogging. I guided him immediately to my room, where its colder, with the sweet blasting of 1 hp samsung airconditioner! But before I could think or debate myself on how to approach - he simply disrobe himself! He took all of his clothes, and I was more tongue tied. A relearning of old saying = DO NOT JUDGE A PERSON BY HIS ONLINE PROFILE OR PICTURES!!! He is taller than I expected, his profile says 5-10" but when asked, he said he is already 5-11, I have no doubts there, I just got my physical and am definitely 5 foot and 8 inches. And that cock, it was soft, flaccid but its size very very promising. Oh my god!!


  1. namiss ko blog entries mo bert. sarap naman ng titi na to. mataba

  2. Please post more photos of Kukumartin or similar kinds of Filipino men. I particularly like the regular brown Asian guys and most especially their brown dicks. Brown dicks are most appetizing to me, more so if they are 'not so perfect' in appearance. Take as an example Kukumartin's cock--the lumps and folds of the underside makes a feast for the eyes and the tongue of the one who gives him a blowjob.

    On the other hand I find Caucasian white cocks pale and boring to look at; negro black cocks too dark that can look like black wood and don't look good in photos because you can't see the various shades of color that adds interest.

    Brown Asian cocks are the best! Latino cocks come only second to me. Japanese and Korean cocks come third following Arab and Indian cocks.

    Finally, please also post more asshole pics of Kukumartin or other brown Asian men.