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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hunger like no other

Friday, 19 August 2011. I am feeling sleepy, drowsy, tired. I am beginning to be sorry that I did not go to the clinic! I was absent last Monday and accompanied my Mother to Makati Med for her check up. She is 70, and had been advised actually the week before that she be confined for a check up. She refused, stating she would die if she get checked in. So after the weekend, at least she consented to coming back for a check up... with me as an escort. I am sure, that is where I got this creeping cold!

The week's sex started so bad, but the night ended nicely. Klevz thick hard cock would always be a delight, and not to mention Albert being accomodating. The previous night with Bojok was very satisfying, relaxing, calming. I was looking forward to another encounter. I agreed with Al02. He described himself as tall, full bodied, and moreno.

I arrived home, cleaned a little in preparation for Al02. I guess I underestimated my health, I fell asleep or should I say pass out? All I remember, I woke up with messages from Al02 - he had arrived, knocked, called, and left!!! Oh my goodness Noooo!!! I have no back up for the night, there was only him!!! Wait, the last message was just around 5 minutes ago. Maybe, perhaps he had not gone far.

I texted him immediately. I may not be operating 100%, but my energy levels are enough to suck and open my legs. I definitely would not be sitting on him, I would be most likely be lying on my back. Was I in heat because of my rising temperature, was it fever? Or simply being horny, a residual from the previous two nights? He said, he reconsidered and would go back.

No chit chat. No small talk. I guided him immediately to my bed. I felt passion, I was in heat. As I had a sublime sex, calming even, I felt being consumed bu this hunger, this need. I rsuehd to to take his clothes off, biringin his cock out and taking him inside my mouth. I know I should get a picture of his cock but all I could think of was sucking him. My mouth was thirsty, and his dick was like water. He was smiling, enjoying my mouth moving from his cock to his chest and back.

It was a hunger I had not felt for a while, it consumed us ... fast!

Friday,19 August 2011.

NOTE: The photos attached are that of Jayson Lam and Tauro, a supposed foursome on 28 August 2011. I am not that well, not oerpating 100%, so I limited myself to oral sex - sucking their cocks and taking pictures.

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