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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taking chances

17 August 2011. Bojok sent a private message and being Mr. Congeniality, I responded with my mobile number, address, and pics of my place. We then started exchanging text messages and he said we are both in the same city. He said he was horny. I welcomed him although it was a risk. I have no idea on how he looks like, his profile is basically empty and he has no picture. This is one of those times that one take chances. We have to take chances, its a gamble all right. Physicality, or the basics stats such as heigt, weight, and age is usually ask but it does not exactly tell anything, so I do not bother to remember or memorize them.

My friends take do gamble on me when I invite them. Why? Since I do not ask, remember or memorize, I cannot answer these details to friends. Likewise, those who mistake to ask these questions are simply disinvited, or would no longer be invited. I made the invites, then they have to trust me. I do understand that its normal to ask these questions, then they have to understand I also have the call not to invite them anymore or simply withdraw my invitation, yeah, I cancelled on some. Life is already strressful, why should I stress out on convincing them that there is good sex in my place?

Bojok it turns out was a good gamble. He was indeed mestizo, a bit on the healthy side. He does not have much airs with him. The sex was however was just limited to oral sex. He did not talk much either. On text he said he does not understand Filipino but says he is half Filpino, half spanish. Huh? I doubt his word, perhaps its a role playing. Some people would like to have a different personility, so if it is his fantasy... one should let it be as long as there is no harm.

NOTE: My apologies for the absence for some time, mismanagement of time. So stressed out with work, I simply choose to lie down and watch TV when I get home, and if given the chance, I have sex with whatever energy is left.Now, last 28 August 2011, I had Jayson, Lam, and Tauro drop over. I am still recovering from my cold. so I just had a taste of their cocks and stayed behind the camera. I then had taken around 150 shots, which I would posting over these sexperiences.


  1. namiss ko yung mga ganitong post bert. sarap!

  2. Don't be sorry bert. We are just glad to get another post from you!!