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Monday, August 22, 2011

Karmic Balance ... Good and Bad

22 August 2011. Monday. Its the cold and flu season and I am not spared. My apologies to my dear readers and followers. Procastinating for another day and so, and I am so surprised that more than a month and a half have passed! I have received messages in and email if I am ok. Yes, I am ok, I think. I have a very stressful job right now, I deal with the problems of people, people who ask for help, that sometimes are genuine that I cannot help but cry with their sorrow, and those that I cannot help but raise my eyebrow and be sarcastic. I guess somehow with the good that I do, listening and advising, I find myself lucky to have some sex when I get home. But no time to fix my place and all. Yes, I am definitely still alive, sucking cocks, sitting on dicks even if I could not breath 100%. Somehow sex looses the nasal passages that its easier to breath after a good fuck!

So, forgive me for not uploading and no posting. I would be posting first the stories of the recent week before I forget them, although in advance I would have to apologize that there is no accompanying pictures, these are true and not fiction.

I have my senior moments which makes blogging a necessity. But why no post for quite some time aside from the toxic work that I have? Other reasons: 1. the keyboard of my laptop is defective, it does not have the letter "Y" so its frustrating to do some updating at home; 2. I enjoy sex and all but most of them are really repeat sex, and I doubt its would be a good reading - and that the nice moral of it is simply one should endeavor the best performance always for repeat sex instead of always looking for new encounters; 3. the haters - i guess i have it made in a way since i have followers and i have the haters, those who love to put me down! So, better not to post for them to put me down, I mean, they hate me and yet they read my post?

Anyway, let me share the bad and the good of last week's tuesday, 16 August 2011. I will not exert any extra effort to organize an orgy or group sex. Basically, its more of a matter of scheduling - when I get invites or text from people wanting to visit, I just simply reply with a common time so that it would result in the group fun that everyone wants to have. So, it was definitely a toxic day at work and I felt so drained, lethargic, and when I received a txt from Dandy and Jembo - shoot! I set it up at 8 pm, I think we all deserved a little r and r!

Wait, do i txt others to inform them of that fun - No! I would rather wait and respond to those who texted and inquired. What is the difference? Less hazzle, since they are the ones who texted, they are the ones interested - less questions. There are some that I like and went the extra mile to inform them of group sex of which their replies would be how many, who are they, where are they from, how old, stats? Huh ... uh huh, and imagine having to answer such queries not only from one person! It is suppose to be fun, by that time, I have no more energy for further inquiries. So, when I invited some and I got the above atittude, no way, I simply cancelled my invites to them, told them I cancelled out (which is true, but just with them). So from a five some to a threesome, no worries, the threesome was awesome!

Dandy and Jembo are no strangers, I consider them old friends actually. So when Zaku asked what I was doing, I simply replied the truth, I am waiting for these two for sex. He got excited and asked if he can come too, I said yes. One newcomer is a risk I can take. I already know Dandy and Jembo and I know they are both trustworthy.

Thus the threesome would be a foursome? Nuhhhh - always remember that some people does not share your sense of responsibility! Jembo arrived an hour after, which is around 9pm, and to think he was the one asking if he can come earlier than 8pm! So by 8 pm, it was me, Zaku, and Dandy. The sex itself was good. Zaku has no inhibitions in sex. I was having a good one, sucking cock while being fucked and all. We did the variations possible .... and it dawned on me... consider these unsolicited advice / reminders:

1. As mentioned in club bath - Silence is golden. Understandable that one would be nervous particularly if its your first time in group sex, just watch the porn, keep your mouth shut, or simply suck cock. Conversations / chika / small talk is not recommendable before an orgy, it only kills the mood. I think I already have placed it on my side bar! When would it be most appropriate - to have small talk? After sex, not before.

For me, what was worse than the attempt for idle chit chat was the choice of topic or conversation - the size of my tv and the state of my things. Ahmmm, what has the size of my tv have to do with the group sex? I mean, should I bring out the tape measure and take the size of my tv? Likewise, I apologize that between house cleaning and having sex, I think I would rather have sex than spent the little energy to clean up. Worst, I was ask if I was busy? My new friend trying to justify why I have not cleaned up? So right there, I reminded him of his manners and I would mine. Afterall, sure - my place is a mess but he is not there to live with me, and he is not there to have sex with the place, he was there to have sex with us - and I pointed out if it bothers him, he is most welcome to leave. The door is open, and I would gladly escort him out.

2. Please be considerate, do not cum on the bed sheets or pillow cases. It may be over rated to say " I am coming..." but that is actually giving others a warning that cum would be splattered. In my place, cum is usually dispensed inside a condom, a mouth, body, or face. If it is on the body or face, it would then be wipe off with tissue, towelette or rag. I guess, he was excited that I just felt the gooey warmth of his cum on my leg, and felt it fall on my bed sheets! I remember having to stand up immediately and going to the bath room to wash it off. Well, the newbie apologized for coming and saying he was so excited. I chose not to berate, coming prematurely happen, but where one cums - that was the major irritant!!

Anyway... Zaku and Dandy finished and Jembo decided to come around 9 pm! On that time, my apologies if it was rude, but I chose to stay on the laptop and just left them to their selves and gave them 30 min. 930 pm, I came in, said my apologies, and turned on the lights. "ooops.. jembo said, i am not yet finished but i am near".

Ok, so for a little consideration, I turned the lights on, stood there, watching Zaku finished Jembo. Lights on. Dress up and we all left. Good? No, not really the sex was overshadowed by the irritant of a first timer. Anyway - I was immediately reminded of karma.

We left, and I went home for dinner. It was during dinner that I got three more txt!! Macky, Klevz, and Albert wants to drop by - s I set up 11 pm. Macky did not make it but i had a good threesome between Klevz and Albert! Yeah, that was for me the highlight of the day! No pics this time, but next time I see Klevz, I would bring out the camera again! I know I have my moods, well, I am diabetic so I am prone to mood swings depending on my sugar levels.


  1. Bert, jigz here from Bahrain. I am reading your blog and enjoyed it a lot. Kindly post some pic. And dont mind the haters. anong magagawa nila u are so hot! :P warm hugs from Bahrain. TC

  2. Hi Bert. Great you are back on line again. Like Anon, forget about the haters. They keep coming back to read your blog, so my guess is they are gay and won't admit it.

  3. Kala ko namatay ka na sa aids sa dami ng kasex mo eh

  4. To anonymous 26 August 2011,

    I am still alive. Eat your heart out. One line is all your brain could think of placing as comment and yet it speaks so much about you.

    For you think that I would be dead due to AIDS due to my number of sexual encounters shows how ignoramus you are about AIDS. And it is your degree of ignorance that guarantees your death ahead of mine, not to mention your bitterness in life that I do have such a number of encounters.

    AIDS comes from the HIV - Human Immuno Virus, which results from unprotected sex and other means - NOT BASED ON THE NUMBER OF SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS. You may only have one sexual encounter, and it was unprotected - then you risk being with HIV that develops into AIDS.

    Likewise your envy of my sexual encounters no matter how you deny it or justify that you do not have that much sex to protect yourself from AIDS ... that will eat you alive. It will be a negative aura that will enrage and repel others, making you seem to be an ogre to them. This makes you unattractive.

    Wishing others to die? Totally shows how much miserable you are. You remind me of a sexual encounter I had, who turns out was only stalking me because aside from his lover, he was cheating with someone who has a long time relationship and that DJ slept with me!

    Do you really hate me that much? or simply that envious of a life you cannot have?

  5. Bert don't even try discuss with anonymous. If he wants to hide behind that label, just ignore him!!

  6. grave ilove always reading your blog... im so amazed all doing...

  7. Bert, You really maximize your life to the fullest! I admire you so much. But how about after 10 , 15, 20 years from now?