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Saturday, June 16, 2012

PS - May 02 Surprise Group Fun (Part 1)

It was difficult to go back to work after such an exhausting labor day. Likewise, I have no other plans for May 2 but simply rest. So I made no invites, but I received two texts - from Dr. Con MD and Elmar. The two met here in my place and I guess something developed between them. Sometimes friendship starts with sex, which is easier and better. Friends to lovers or sex is much more difficult and riskier. The two are not only coming to my place, they also brought a friend with them!

I do not welcome two or more strangers in my place, nor should anyone for security reasons. So, when someone would want to come with a friend or more, I simply decline. Exception would be if I have another friend or two with me, but Ting is not always here and he has moved outside Metro Manila. In this case, I already know and trust Dr. Con  MD and Elmar so I have no problem with their bringing along a new friend.

This is why, May 2 is a surpise group fun. I did not have to do anything. The three of them were waiting on my doorstep after I went to work. Remember the saying, if opportunity knocks, open the door. In my case, if three guys are waiting at my doorstep, i open the door and lead them to my bedroom!

I know I was suppose to be tired and resting but the lust, the hornness of them invigorated me. and was another evening of fun. The third guy ... well, it was his first time, so he was quite reserve. But he did come.

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