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Sunday, June 17, 2012

PS - Surprise Group Fun (part 2)

Is it fun to have group sex? Depends on the people in a group. I always state that I meet a person before I introduce him to other friends so I would at least know which ones I am to invite for a group fun. Men think that because there is a group, they are going to be lucky, but it is not always that way. If its a group and people like you, when you are part of the sex, it would feel good BUT there are times, one would be ignored or overlooked - and that does not feel good at all.

I had threesomes wherein both of the two people would not touch each other, its fun for me - i have both of them but I know it would had been better if both are into each other. If there is chemistry, group fun is great.. like what is hotter being fucked in the ass while being sucked? Dr. Con MD surely enjoyed his night, his cum was so many and great.

It is for this, Dr. Con Md and Yummy Elmar are always welcome in my place, just that, my place is not always open - I do need to shut it down to clean up and fix my place.  Maintenance so to speak. You want to join us? Lets have a one on one first.


  1. Mahal ko na si elmar Hahaha

    - Jspice

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