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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Back in Bed!

Who said Doctors no longer make house calls? Well, Dr. Con said he is free and wants to drop by so I said sure am feeling fine and my body is a bit heating up, I would welcome his human thermometer - that dick of his! If i am hot, it gets big and hard, just right for my mouth.


  1. Welcome back. I missed your hot mouth.

  2. wawww...
    you come back...
    very wonderful.....
    i like it

  3. Yeah Bert. back in time for Christmas. What a great present for us all!!

  4. PS I hope you are back to stay!!

  5. Thank you Richarc C, sebar, and Rico for your comments!

    There is so much to write and share. End of September when someone tried to break in thus I was so careful and reserved last October - not to mention my annual birthday blues. November was definitely bad, worst as I can think of right now. I was sick and I rushed myself to the emergency room for stomach ulcers which is something I have since my college years or earlier, so long I no longer remember the start. But now, it was made more complicated by my diabetes which is so volatile - my sugar level reached 329 mg / dl, which was considered as hypoglycemia.

    But life is that - good and bad. Although I have no post, I HAD SEX! Just no one new or worthy of writing and sharing about. So if you ask me, do I always take pictures? No for not all are worth the effort, particularly if the subject is "maarte" or cautious when what would make it memorable is simply a pic of his cock... otherwise, I would really forget.

    Last week it was a monday sex with a masseur, tuesday with elmar, and wed is that above one one one that became group sex. After that, rest. This week, i had a big cock with a student of my alma mater last Tuesday. Wednesday I got fucked by a bigger cock.. so rest on thursday (went to the gym, suffered a near hypoglycemia and watched the hobbit), and last night friday: Biggest Cock of the week! He had a good stamina, he has the resistance! I end up so satisfied and am good for the rest of the week. I will definitely write about this week's fun. Tonight, 15 december 2012, I might invite some friends over who had been asking when they can visit - perhaps would just have a good time taking pictures as they have fun..

    so far... MALIGAYA NA ANG PASKO KO!!!!! :)

    1. OOOPS... i mean hyperglycemia when i got a 300 plus sugar level... and hypoglycemia when below 80. got mixed up

  6. Welcome back. I'.m glad to see you back :)


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  10. Welcome back BERT... magjajakol na naman ako araw-araw sa mga photos mo!