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Monday, December 17, 2012

Life Lesson to Remember!

What is the life lesson to remember? You might get some things you like but it would not last. Remember to be humble and be nice. Dr. Con was already in my pad, I remember XXXXX from his first time last September 2012. I did write I enjoy sucking him, sitting on his cock, and then when he fucked me on top - but after that ... I felt that I would no longer invite or welcome him in my place. Everyone sees the bed but aside from my bed, my place is a mess and I have cats. But what gives? People visit for sex for an hour or two, or worst sex that lasts in less than 30 minutes - with me or my group of friends. When my place was clean - I get queries from people to stay overnight or if they live in with me! Duhhhhh! Why should I live in with you?  No love there. For sexual relations? Am fine on my own.

I remember that XXXX texted me asking for the number of Paul, I declined. I DO NOT GIVE NUMBERS WITHOUT PERMISSION. But being nice and sweet, I did inform him that Paul would be dropping by to get my other cat, Julie. Because of my stomach ulcers and diabetes, I had decided to keep only one cat, I cannot take care of two cats. Julie is pure Persian, while Luna is a half breed - sweet and ugly! It was a mistake! He kept on texting and calling about Paul, if he was already here and all. He was such a nuisance, imagine sucking Dr. Con then he would text and call asking who is already here and why was I not answering him? He was so irritating..... and I realized such a liar, it turns out that although he was asking for Paul's number, he was texting Paul who got irritated by him likewise.

If you would be a dick, try to realize for you would be treated as one. How did it end up? Paul avoided him like a virus. I true to being the host, i did suck and sat on his cock - but imagine sitting on a cock and I see him looking at Paul and Dr. Con enjoying each other.... oh well, yeah.. he is not into me, no matter how hard and big his cock is. I do have some self respect, I stood up, took the condom, and simply took a shower. When I came back, he motioned for attention to his overlooked hard cock... I got to ignore him.... :)

You see, Ben came! (next posting). He tried to join Dr. Con and Paul but he was not welcome, he was being ignored. Karma is so sweet. I think he was able to fuck Dr. Con who allowed him inside his ass while kissing and fondling Paul - he was like a dildo in his ass. XXXXXXX seemed for me a stupid moron dick head but at least he was able to leave gracefully ahead of everyone: I have to go, I still have work tom.

From me, OK. Bye! :)

And I have not heard from him since then...... hehehehehe

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