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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Compromise Agreement

He said he was from Evangelista, Makati so I was giving him directions on that information. Then, he said he is available at this time or so - Ooops, I have to go to they gym. I am a diabetic and had been ordered by my Doctor! It would be my second day back on the gym, I cannot give it up just for a sex with a 20 year old. Young men are nice since they are rock hard, they are at an age of discovery and experimentation except they are still so amateurs, one has to be patient and forgiving in starting out with them.

 So, it was supposed to be a no go. Then as i was to leave the gym, it was around 10pm - he texted me, he is really so horny, he wants to get laid, he wants to fuck. That perhaps I can just meet him and we can have sex. How did I reply? YES!

The gym workout drives the hormones. and its not like I am going out of my pad to pick him up, just going to meet him on my way home. But funny thing, he seems lost in getting to the meeting place. My patience was running out. He said he is walking, and he is here.. here what? Damn... is this a set up? A joke. But he kept on calling, his voice sounding raspy and really horny!

He did arrive at the place and I asked him about his given location, for if true, he should be no stranger to the locale. He was not apologetic but simply admitted he is not from here, he used Evangelista because that is where he met a classmate to do a  school project. What the fuck? A 20 year old student? One lie uncovered... what if, there are more lies? What if he is a male hooker? Honestly - he is cute! He has that boyish charm.

So I brought him to my place but still not sure, we just stayed on the terrace for a while. I did not motion that we are on my pad. What if he is just leading me on? I touch his crotch, he let me fondle him. Looking into his eyes, I felt his manhood already hard. I took it out, he hold my hand - for what if somebody sees us - I said, my neighbors are already asleep. See, their rooms are all dark. So we were on that terrace, me on my knees, and I sucked him. It was a nice cock, very hard and fat.  I am not sure if i even lasted 2 minutes sucking - I took out my keys and opened my apartment. I lead him in... for more than sucking.

He was a good suck.. likewise a good fuck with that manhood. This is something to blog, but he does not want any pictures... so compromise - a picture of the used condom! Actually, he was even the one who took the pictures!

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  1. You're right, who wanted to do a photo in this time. Noce story :)