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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

18 and not a virgin anymore ...

 2013 November 22, Friday.  Another " good morning" from him, Rhemer22. In the aftenoon, it will "good afternoon", nothing more, nothing much. Huh - "i will visit you this afternoon", hohum - not the first time he texted that. Another text " where is your house? " I have not had lunch, just breakfast and that was noon - so forgive me for replying a very curt " please google it ".

 Am bad? yeah, I know. I do try my best to be nice but I have mentioned I am not a morning person and the night before - was the first day of Nestle Fitfil Bootcamp! Damn! My muscles, of what is left of them still hurts a little, some delayed onset muscle soreness. Not the first time that Rhemer had texted his intent to visit me and still after all these months or weeks, whatever, have not met him in person. No expectation, no frustration.

 Obviously, with these pictures he did managed to get to my pad! He was serious! And I though he was at least 22 base on his nick, it turns out he is only 18! He was still wearing this white barong uniform of his school. Oh my, my apologies for not taking him seriously. The small chitchat continues - have to know what he has experienced, what he expects or like. If someone that young claims to be a virgin, assuming true - one has the responsibility to an experimenting person to make it good and memorable. They enjoy and they will keep coming back even after they had graduated - that is my case with Joshua. He was 19 and now an OFW, but still comes back when able! Good thing, he smiled and said he is no longer a virgin.

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