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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Replacements ....

23 November 2013, Saturday. My body aches and I was lacking in sleep so I spent the afternoon in bed alone.  I woke up around 620am to join the Nestle Fitfil Bootcamp and only have around 3 hours of sleep. Senjuto have texted his interest to drop by, I said "text text, unsure". I am afraid to commit less I would not be able to deliver. I woke up with my mobile ringing which stop when I had pressed to answer it. I read the recent text message : Andito ako sa labas nyo (am here outside).

What the fuck!!  Or should I say a fuck is here. Again, its so unexpected, I have not cleaned up myself nor my place. My mouth is always ready but my ass is nor always ready. Damn, not to add he woke me up for a bootie call? Hmmmm, I took and drink some powdered orange juice, best my sugar level be a little up than low. I know how grungie I am when I just woke up.

Forced myself to smile and open the door.

Ooops! He is tall, slim and not so bad looking.  I sat on the terrace and sleepily embraced him, and immediately grope for his groin. He let me, actually it was a test or screening. If he would be uncomfortable with my hands - easier to set him free, for him to run away, run away and me back to sleep. I mean, if I am really going to suck and fuck someone he should really be worth it! No restraints, no inhibitions! I felt his cock getting bigger and he ask we continue inside.

Be my guests! He was game and nice. I also sensed he would be a bottom - and I cannot be top for him but I started to text some friends and my dear BFF Paulo. Unfortunately Paulo has a commitment and would not be able to come. But fortunately, Tauro was able to join us and enjoyed being inside him as evidenced by the pictures.

I said replacements because that is what Tobi reminded me. His hard cock did not lose its rigidity despite having a prostate massager in his ass, he can fuck me, I can sat on his dick while he woudl be himself fuck! This is what happened first before I took their pics - I was able to sit on his cock while Tauro entered him from behind. Tobi moaned in pain and he was a man enough to take it all! Viktor left the country last Wednesday - he is the only other in recent memory that I can sat even with another cock in his ass.

I am looking forward to other saturdays with Tobi and other friends. He can be fuck and yet still "suckable" and best - easy to seat on his dick!

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