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Friday, November 29, 2013

Ongoing Competition? Part 1 0f 2

Last week, Tauro had Tobi, they had fun, i had fun, we had fun. Tauro however texted and bragged to XXXXX! He wants to have his time with Tobi as well. Set up was almost impossible - Nov 30 being a holiday was a no no for Tobi and me. Nov 29 - I was suppose to watch a movie with my Mom and then pick up some plastic drawers from Makati. I need some action this week however it seems not to be. Well, obviously, we had fun!

My Mom was obligated to attend some function - so am free! XXXXX was also in the vicinity, hmmmm. I asked him if he would help me pick up the drawers so I would not be tied up with my brother, yes! So texted immediately Tobi : we are both free. His reply : getting excited! Actually he was so excited that when XXXXX took a quick shower, he ask if he can "silip", sure, why not! Tobi not only silip, but showered and suck XXXX as well!

I sucked Tobi and sat on his cock - and the rest of the time i took to taking pictures, and i had lots that i have to post them all in two installments! It was hot to watch and knowing XXXXX, I could not help but think he was more athletic, more active than other encounters.. Tobi was moaning and groaning with delight - but so was he! XXXXX was fucking, sucking and performing like he was proving he was a better top, but he need not prove it to me... and is how i got the title for this blog post: ONGOING COMPETITION?

XXXXX was showing off, catching his breath even took a rest in the end - Tobi came thrice, he came once.. and me... well I have these pictures!

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