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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Welcome 2015!

Wow!! Its actually 2015 and I had not made a post in more than two months!!

First ... yeah.. my apologies for the silence. I am now 48 and this year I would be 49.

At this age, most of the sexually active men are half of my age, good enough to be my son. I did even try to look for those in my age group but it seems not only they are rare, they are looking for younger ones or are more interested in my contact, in the sex or fun that my casa brings. Those in their 20s and 30s, they think of me as too old for them.

So turning 48, is filled with mix emotions. Happy that I reached this age. In October 2014, an ex lover of mine died of cancer. In November 2014, I lost a friend to liver failure and he died here at my place. There are those interested to visit, and I tell them what happened - they chickened out of visiting upon knowing someone died here. Likewise, i lost a grandmother aunt in November 204. Death changes a person.  Death reminds us of our own mortal life.

Likewise, let us admit it - I am stocky / chub to some. My body is not that physically appealing but I was blessed to have a nice face, handsome if I may say so -  compared to some. My genetics allowed me to have a younger face than most, even than my younger brother, he is only 46, and yet most mistake him to be the elder son and not me.

And of the above - natal depression in being a year older and the passing away of those dear to me, made my fingers heavy to post and upload further. Thus ... no blog posts. Sorry for that.

but what would I post now if I am not that sexually active or lucky? hmmmm

Second ... Changes.. blog direction then...

I have decided to share more : real, sad, funny, embarrassing stories NOT just the sexually satisfying encounters. I am not that lucky, I have my bad encounters or near encounters I have decided to simply forget. Now, let me share more of real life. That will be my blog focus this year: document my sex life not only the good but the bad and should had been forgotten.

My first project for the year would be to share the Morons that i meet or moron that I am from time to time. To make the reading worth while, will likewise share tips / advise.

So superficially, have changed the blog background. And i will be blogging more.


  1. been a an avid reader.. i know it would be worth reading... hope to hear more stories!!!

  2. I must admit that I will miss what you've always offered us, but I must also admit that I'm excited with the coming changes. Mababawasan man siguro ang pagsasalsal ko habang nakatitig sa mga litratong inilalathala mo pero sa tingin ko mas madami naman akong matututunan sa mga gagawin mong pagbabago. :) Happy New Year! -

  3. I've followed you for many years and look forward to many years more. Happy New Year, Herbert.

  4. excited to read those stories... ( - matamod of PR)