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Monday, January 19, 2015

Yippy Yehey Yong (pictures set 2 of 3)

Yong is basically a twink, twinkie, twinkle - slim guy easy to carry and fuck standing up! We got to chat at PR and he agreed for a one on one with me. He did not ask much questions and I appreciate that, actually I had my doubts since he did not ask. My experience is people to be calling and texting for directions which is another reason i do not like first timers on a threesome or more group sex. People do not understand ho inconvenient it is to be hosting people and yet texting / calling someone for directions! His answer, he used google map! So just right there on the veranda when I saw him, he already made me smile. He is not an air head. Physical looks, check! Intellectual capacity, check!

Yong had not pretensions, in the vernacular - Hindi maarte, hindi nag inarte. I led him inside my clean, dirty pad. Yeah, I know I should clean up and yet I usually just keep the clutter off the bed. My point, its my pad, its my home, am comfortable with my clutter - visitors are there just for an hour or so of fuck. I was watching his facial expression, listening to his words with our ideal chit chat. Nothing, no judgement. I led him directly to my bedroom and placed him on my bed.  I turned on the tv and dvd for the porno. I sat beside him, just cuddling with him letting him be aroused.

And boy, he was aroused  He was already hard and I took him in mymouth, sucking him. He hugged and kissed me, touched my body. No attitude and he is game.. my hand wandered to his ass and touched his ass hole, no protestations.. Yes! I took a time out, apologized and immediately texted Xxxxx. I see no reason for Yong to come back another time, I called for back up! Then I continued our sex.

I was careful to prolong the sex and that he does not come. I was enjoying myself and bidding my time, he would be in for a surprise!

Xxxxx just walked into the room.  Yond and I were naked and his cock was inside my mouth. Yong was surprised but it was a welcome surprise.  I had to let go of the cock and took my cue. This would not be group sex but .. two one on one .... i left them, gave them a little privacy and time ... then i came in not to join but to take pictures... evil me, I know, but as you can see, the pictures are hot!

I can only presume that Yong enjoyed every moment with every gasp of delight and moan!


  1. sarap naman nyan! sana ma try ko rin balang araw!

  2. bago magsara blog mo ptikim naman xxxxx kaht bayaran ko na sya

  3. Hi herbert... I wonder if I can meet you one day even for a cup of coffee....