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Friday, May 6, 2011

Date confusions and more ...

28 April 2011. I remember someone saying he finds the "dates" here in my blog a bit confusing. Well, I can understand him since each blog post has a date and time stamp on when the blog entry was uploaded and posted AND I start each blog entry corresponding to the date when the subject or experience actually happened. For example, this post would be dated as 06 May 2011 by the website together with the title but the date before the post is 28 April 2011. Yup, I am behind my blogging and updates - I really do apologize for this but life happens, I do get busy and worst, when I have time to sit down and upload, SUN broadband network would not cooperate! So there, my apologies for late or incomplete blogging. I do beg for your indulgence and do keep reading my entries.

Well, there is also another confusion and that would be "date", meaning an eyeball with someone you met on the net. Let's call him Chad. I was on leave and he wanted to try and meet again. A previous attempt did not happen since he had an emergency. He insist that he simply wants to chat with me. So I clarified again, yes, he just wants to chat with me. Oh ok, meaning a non-sexual encounter, probably someone who is going to ask about my lifestyle, ask pointers, tips. And since I was already hungry, we met at Lugaw, Pares 24 hrs. I was just wearing shorts, sando, and a slipper. He arrived and I was still eating my lugaw number 5. Nothing better to do, we talked and walked around the area, bought myself melatonin on a chinese drug store, and had some cold desserts from McDonalds. Until I got a txt message from Jonvic - he wants to give me a massage. So, I replied and gave my whereabouts to Jonvic who joined us. And then I asked very politely, apologetically, that Jonvic and I had to go. It was upon arriving at home that I got a txt from Chad - "thanks, sir can i join u 4 a chat? i think lng kc ok makpag kwentuhan mga taga pr".

What the fuck he thinks we are going to do? Chat? Talk? Jonvic and I would be having sex, oral and anal! So, I replied straightforward what happended - "Ok, hindi naman kami nag chat eh, We had sex.". To which, it was "ah ok, sna po naksama ako."

In this day and age, I am not saying people should be less polite, politeness would always be preferred and would be a good trait. Ambiguity in one's wishes should be minimized. I am writing about the eyeball, the "date" because I find it to be a little bit irritating to misunderstood people. I do not like miscommunications or misunderstandings, particularly at my age. But, it still happens for communication is between two people, a receiver and a sender.

Anyway - just to document our succeeding txt messages, I hope you learn something:

Me (30 April 2011 1146am) Off to scrapbook workshop, good luck on the medical mission. Tip on hand - be confident and stop the po, opo, and sir. Chat and sex are two different things.

Chad (28 April 2011 844 pm) ok. ok lang po kung wen ako pwde makasingit. f hindi po tlaga ok lng po

Me (28 April 2011 841pm) Am reserving it for dennis

Chad(28 April 2011 834pm) bka po meron ka tom?

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